The Big Day (or Night)

Your doctor will advise you when it's best to come to the hospital. One clear-cut rule is to come if your water breaks, even if you aren't having contractions. When you arrive, your obstetrics nurse will help you get comfortable and manage contractions. She watches your condition and carefully monitors the baby's heartbeat. When your physician is not present, your nurse will keep him or her posted of your progress.

A member of the anesthesiology team is available to provide additional pain management, including spinals, to minimize pain during labor and afterwards.

Your own physician who has cared for you throughout pregnancy will be your guiding hand during delivery. The only exception is when your doctor is out of town. Another family physician with an obstetrics practice from RiverView Hospital would then perform the delivery.

A skilled general surgeon performs C-sections when they are needed.

Just as you have received one-on-one care through your delivery, your baby will be assigned a nurse for individual care in our nursery.