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Home Care

RiverView Home Care is a full-service home care agency providing 24-hour access to on-call nurses, routine service on weekends and holidays, and a full range of therapy services.

RiverView Home Care holds a Comprehensive License and is certified by Medicare and Medicaid.

Home Care Services

RiverView Home Care covers approximately a 40-mile radius serving the communities of Crookston, Red Lake Falls, Fertile, Fisher, Beltrami, Climax, Neilsville, Mentor, Erskine, Euclid and Angus. Services offered by RiverView Home Care include:

Skilled nursing care

Nurses conduct a free assessment of the client's needs in the home, coordinate all patient care, draw samples for laboratory testing, set up and monitor medications, and provide health education and teaching they provide treatments requiring their skills such as sterile dressing change, and administering IV antibiotics, and parental and enternal nutrition.

Home health aide services

Home health aides, under the supervision of a nurse, provide personal care such as bathing, assistance with exercises, meal preparation, safe transfers and ambulation, laundry, light housekeeping and other duties assigned by the nurse.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy staff help home care clients enhance their healing by promoting independence in walking. They work to restore or strengthen muscle function through exercises and teaching use of special equipment and treatments to modify pain.

Occupational therapy

Through therapy, this service helps clients readjust to daily activities and improve their ability to perform the tasks of everyday living.

Speech therapy

Speech and language pathologists assess communication skills, evaluate communication problems and, through appropriate treatment, assist clients in improving communications or swallowing abilities.

Medical social work

Medical social workers offer home care clients and families information about needed community resources. They counsel clients about social and emotional problems relating to their health.


RiverView has a full-service pharmacy available to home care clients. Information is provided on drug and food interactions with client's medications and nurses educate them on any other issues related to their medications.

Payment for Home Care

Payment for home care services can come from a number of sources:

  • Private pay.
  • Insurance with prior authorization.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Medicare—if there is a skilled need and a person is considered homebound (in general does not leave home except for medical appointments).
  • Federal and State funded programs—available for people who meet certain criteria.

Home Care FAQ

Do I have to decide between getting home healthcare benefits under Part A or Part B of my Medicare?

No. If you have both Part A and Part B, Part A will pay for covered home healthcare services. If you have only Part B, it will cover those services.

Do I have to pay the home healthcare agency and then collect from Medicare?

No. The agency will collect directly from Medicare.

Does Medicare cover outpatient physical therapy?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances. Your physician must refer you and certify that you need to go to the facility for care.

Are home healthcare services for mental illness covered?

Yes. They're covered if all qualifications for home healthcare under Medicare are met.