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Visitor Policy

As of March 1, 2023, RiverView Health's Visitor Policy is as follows:

Masking and Restriction Considerations

  • Currently, visitors must wear a mask at all times when in the facility. RiverView monitors COVID-19 community transmission rates for masking considerations. Any changes will be relayed weekly. Visitors will be provided a surgical mask to wear (preferred), or may wear their own cloth mask.
  • Anyone with symptoms of a respiratory infection such as a cough, shortness of breath, or fever should not visit hospital patients and should not accompany patients to appointments to prevent transmission of infection and illnesses to others.
  • Anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19 infection should have completed the recommended CDC isolation period prior to visiting hospital patients or accompanying patients to appointments.

Hospital (including Labor & Delivery)

  • Visiting hours are from 8 am to 8 pm daily.
  • Visitation may be limited if patient and/or care team indicates need for limitation.
  • Each patient is allowed one caregiver overnight upon approval of the care team. More overnight visitors will be at the discretion of the department director.
  • Patients in isolation for COVID-19 may have two designated visitors per day. Education and expectations for use of personal protective equipment and infection prevention practices will be provided to the designated visitors.
  • For patients at end-of-life, an individualized visitation plan will be made in coordination with the care team.

Clinic, Emergency Department, Surgery, and Outpatient Appointments

  • Each patient is allowed two visitors during visit/appointment. More visitors may be allowed at the discretion of the provider and/or department director.

For questions related to RiverView’s visitor policy, please call 281.9200.