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Support RiverView with a Giving Hearts Day Donation Tomorrow

Hospital news | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A lot has happened since February 2019, when the RiverView Foundation started its Capital Campaign for RiverView 2020, the hospital and clinic replacement project at RiverView Health. Just since the October opening, a whirlwind of activity has taken place under the new roof, including the birth of babies, end of life care, COVID-19 patients treated in both outpatient and inpatient settings, and now, thankfully, the start of the COVID-19 vaccinations has begun.

It is safe to say RiverView 2020 has been broken in and has moved to the everyday operations of a bustling community hospital and clinic. With things running smoothly, it is time to help the RiverView Foundation button up its Capital Campaign with a strong finish on Giving Hearts Day (GHD), tomorrow, Feb. 11.

"By making a charitable donation during the 24-hour event for nonprofits, you are effectively leveraging your contribution to assure the greatest impact for patients of RiverView Health," stated Foundation Director Randy Schoenborn.

A participant since the start of GHD 14 years ago, the annual event has become one of the Foundation's most transformational, accounting for more than $1.9 million raised over the years. While it may only last 24-hours each year, that one day has proven to make a major impact on high-priority, patient-centered projects at RiverView Health. Programs and funds have been started with Giving Hearts Day donations given in memory or honor of a loved one and essential equipment purchased.

"Giving Hearts Day is a powerful movement of caring people coming together to help others by making an online donation to support projects that will provide the greatest benefits to the highest number of patients," shared Marcia Schoenborn, president of the RiverView Foundation Board of Directors. "The Foundation invites you to give to a cause that provides for those you hold close to your heart."

The Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF), Impact Foundation, and Alex Stern Family Foundation host the event. On Feb. 11, DMF and other generous donors will provide significant match contributions to the RiverView Foundation up to $184,000 to stretch donations even further to make the maximum impact.

The match funding is only available tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 11 (12:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.). Donations must be made online at or through the Foundation office. Links will also be provided on Feb. 11 on the KROX website at

Undesignated funds from this year's event will go toward the Foundation Board of Directors' commitment to raise up to $3 million for the building project to support the meditation room, Inpatient Unit patient rooms, labor and delivery rooms, and family suites.

"Building a great hospital takes more than concrete and cranes," Marcia Schoenborn stated. "You need caring people that understand the importance of having a community hospital that serves our medical needs today and into the future. The RiverView Foundation invites everyone to participate. The difference a day can make is amazing."

To help the Foundation with its mission of assisting with RiverView Health's most critical needs, please make a personal donation on Feb. 11 and let others know the importance RiverView Health has had in your life by asking them to contribute, as well.

If you don’t want to wait until tomorrow to make your donation, you can now schedule your gift ahead of the big day by going to When you check out, the default for the date of the gift should be checked for Feb. 11.

For more information about the Giving Hearts Day program, contact Randy Schoenborn at or call 218-281-9249. If you would like in-person assistance with your donation tomorrow, please enter RiverView Health through the new facility’s main doors (open 6 am-7 pm). Once you are screened for COVID-19, Schoenborn will meet you or someone will escort you to Conference Room 3 for assistance.