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Sarah Benson is RiverView’s Employee of the Month for May

Hospital news | Monday, August 16, 2021

Sarah Benson, LPN, said she was completely shocked when she recently received RiverView’s Employee of the Month award for May. Her recognition came as no surprise to the people Sarah cares for or the rest of the staff at RiverView Home Care, though. Sarah is known for her kindness and for going above and beyond her job requirements.

A native of Fertile, Sarah has been an LPN at RiverView Home Care since March of 2008. She received her Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Northland Community and Technical College, EGF, in 2001. Sarah and her husband, Brad, have two children: Isaac and Abby. In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

“I am really honored,’’ she stated regarding the EOM honor. “I could not ask for a better team to work with than the RiverView Home Care staff.’’

Below are some of the comments made in nominations for Sarah.

Sarah exhibits kindness and caring for all our clients throughout every day. She never hesitates to go above and beyond to ensure all aspects of follow up and clarity for our clients has been attained. In fact, Sarah excels in communication. She exceeds expectations by reaching out to providers, pharmacies, social workers, and case managers to do everything possible to promote compliance and conclusion on behalf of the client. For example, when there’s a gap in obtaining meds or orders for a client, Sarah works diligently to orchestrate the process until her client’s needs are met. This can be intense and time consuming. Clients always know they can count on her to follow-through until there’s a resolution. This type of work ethic often leads to recognition by colleagues for her respected thoroughness. Sarah is a “dig in and do it, and do it right” kind of person and procrastination is never an option in her day. When her day is disrupted by cancellations or changes, she’s immediately taking the initiative to check and see what else she can do to help out with other client visits. She’s always looking ahead and planning her next day so she’s fully prepared to meet the challenges that may ensue. Sarah never wants to be in the lime-light but instead works behind the scenes, helping others, giving insight, and striving for perfection in services for our clients. Sarah’s humility prevents her from recognizing her own abilities and positive attributes. She is completely oblivious to the significant contribution she makes, day after day to the Home Care team.

Sarah goes above and beyond every day she comes to work. She always takes the bulk of the visits scheduled for the day and documents and takes care of the clients thoroughly. Her schedule is always jam pack full with visits and she never complains. In fact if she doesn’t have a full day of visits scheduled she wonders what she should do and will take extra visits on for the week to help out the schedule for the rest of the week. She is so in depth with her assessments and documentation. She makes sure all the clients are well taken care of. A specific client calls to the office after his visit with her stating, “that was the best visit I’ve every had”. Her communication with providers and other nurses is above and beyond. She makes sure every little detail is covered and that she did not miss anything before she leaves for the day. She travels all over to cover visits and to help the nurses out and to help the schedule...She takes on the majority of the visits in our department and works hard day in and out.