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RiverView Names Two Employees 2020 Rookie of the Year

Hospital news | Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Without a doubt, 2020 was a challenging year. Fortunately, RiverView employees are always up for a challenge and marched through 2020 like any other year, providing exceptional care for exceptional outcomes. That includes the rookies - employees in their first year of employment with RiverView.

Previously, one rookie was chosen per year for the Rookie of the Year honor, but with the challenges of 2020, rookies stepped up like no other year and two very deserving employees were recently awarded the honor.

Heather Bergeron
Heather recently celebrated her first anniversary as RiverView’s risk manager in the Quality Department.

She is recognized for her leadership and as “a great addition’’ to the RiverView team.

"Heather is approachable and compassionate,’’ shared Ashley Cameron, director of Quality. “As a risk manager she deals with difficult situations everyday. She is able to prioritize and get to the facts. She continues to seek out resources and best practices to continue her knowledge. I am grateful to be able to work with Heather every day."

Mandy Cassavant
Mandy Cassavant joined the RiverView team as an RN in Surgical Services in April of 2020, just one month into the COVID pandemic.

“Mandy’s experience, learner attitude, and initiative had her expedited off orientation and providing exceptional patient care to our surgical patients and collaboration with our surgical care team in very little time,’’ shared April Grunhovt, vice president of Patient Services, chief nursing officer. Mandy was also quick to answer the urgent request for nurses to assist with COVID vaccinations, volunteering to do vaccinations when docking was taking place and also picking up extra shifts to support the organization and community in need.

Those that work with Mandy describe her as “wonderful, amazing, kind, a go-getter,’’ and indicated that working with her is a positive experience.Pictured above: Heather Bergeron.

Pictured below: Heather Bergeron (left) and Mandy Cassavant