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RiverView Baby Boom Includes Next Generation of LaPorte Family

Hospital news | Wednesday, July 13, 2022

There was a bit of a baby boom at RiverView Health the first half of the year. The OB Unit saw an increase of nine babies in the first six months of 2022 compared to the same timeframe in 2021. As of June 30, 54 new lives had entered the world at RiverView. One of those babies is the daughter of Forrest and Morgan LaPorte.

RiverView is a little like the fictional bar Cheers "where everybody knows your name" for Morgan and Forrest. The Crookston couple has ties to the organization that literally span their entire lives. Therefore, it seemed fitting that the couple would choose RiverView when they decided to start a family.

The couple's first child, Layken Lynn, was born at RiverView on Feb. 11 at 10:47 am. She weighed 5 pounds 6.2 ounces and was 18 inches long. Dr. Erik Kanten, a Family Medicine provider with OB, cared for Morgan throughout her pregnancy and was there to deliver Layken when she decided to arrive three days ahead of her due date. In the end, Dr. Roshan Ghimire, a hospitalist, stepped in to do a C-section when it was determined necessary.

"Overall, we had a great experience," Forrest shared. "One thing that sticks out to me is how quick and smooth the C-section went. We weren't initially planning on a C-section, but once the decision was made, things just started happening and went smoothly. Everyone involved definitely knew what they were doing and did a great job."

RiverView Health Since Day One

Just like Layken, Morgan and Forrest were both born at RiverView. Dr. Kanten was also the OB physician for Forrest's mother when she was pregnant with him. However, when Forrest made his way into the world, Dr. Charles Winjum was the delivering doctor because Dr. Kanten was out of town. Dr. Rolf Hanson delivered Morgan.

Forrest has a multi-dimensional relationship with Dr. Kanten, as Dr. Kanten is Forrest's primary care provider and co-worker. Forrest began working at RiverView in 2016 as an RN in the Inpatient Unit and Emergency Department. In 2020, he started in his current role as a Certified Nurse Practitioner. He and Dr. Kanten work side-by-side at RiverView Clinic – Crookston.

"It's a unique experience working with him (Dr. Kanten) and having him as both mine and Layken's primary care provider," he said. "Morgan and I are very comfortable knowing that he knows us well and is always available to answer any questions."

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The LaPortes have ties to many of the team members at RiverView; some are family, co-workers, patients, customers at Morgan's cosmetology business at Rejuv Salon and Spa, and many are friends.

"It is definitely humbling to be on the patient side," Forrest reported. "Thankfully, both Morgan and I aren't patients very often, but I think it's good to see things from the patient perspective. I found myself having more questions than I thought I would."

Even with RiverView Health playing a significant role throughout their lives, Morgan and Forrest do not take having exceptional care close to home for granted.

"The staff's dedication and professionalism made our experience go so well," Morgan shared. "I have nothing but great things to say about RiverView and its team."

For more information on OB services at RiverView Health, call 281.9595.

Pictured above: Morgan and Forrest LaPorte bring daughter Layken back to the RiverView OB room where she was born Feb 11, 2022.