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Rae Anne Reinhart is RiverView's Employee of the Month for January

Hospital news | Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Rae Anne Reinhart, Home Care, loves to be out in the community. She can often be found cheering at sporting events; her favorites being softball, baseball, hockey and volleyball. She’s also a great cheerleader for RiverView Health and was recently named the January Employee of the Month for her positive spirit and helpful ways.

Reinhart, who attended Northland Community College, has worked at RiverView for 25 years. She started in the Cafeteria at age 16. Once she received her CNA license, she began working at the Care Center where she stayed for seven years. She then transferred to Home Care where she worked at Oak Court Assisted Living for seven years before taking her current position as secretary/CNA. She works full time in the secretary position and is on call as a Home Health aide, Customized Living aide at Oak Court, and she provides activities at oak Court, if needed.

“I have enjoyed working with RiverView for the past 25 years,’’ she shared. “In the positions that I have held I have met so many wonderful families and have gotten to care for so many wonderful people. There are many people throughout RiverView that I have come to know over the years, as well, and I can say I am lucky to work in such a friendly facility. I have been blessed with having such wonderful coworkers and I can say that I call all of them my friends.’’

A Crookston native, Reinhart and husband Paul have three children: Allison, 21; Tanner, 19; and Alexis, 13. In her free time, Reinhart enjoys spending time with family and friends. Along with sports, she enjoys attending plays, choir concerts and music performances, all of which her children have participated over the years. She also likes going to the lake and camping and fishing. She recently developed an interest in planting flowers in the spring and growing different plants.

“I am so grateful to have received the award of the Employee of the Month,’’ Reinhart stated. “Thank you to all that
nominated me. It means so very much. Working at RiverView has been so rewarding and there is no other place I would rather be.’’

The following are comments from nominations sent in honor of Rae Anne:

“Rae is a very special employee and overall person...She is highly organized and self motivated. She will take on any and all tasks that are asked of her and with a friendly and willing attitude...Our clients in the community have called sometimes just to hear her voice as she is kind and caring with them. She strives for the best outcomes for our
department that are over and beyond expected. Rae Anne carries this same caring and loving attitude towards her
family. If you had Rae Anne as your caregiver, you’d know that you are cared for.’’ - Linda Nephew, ADS and Home Care

“Rae Anne is the first person you see when you enter the Home Care office every day and her warm greeting and smile is just what you need to get your day started off right. She keeps the office running smoothly and makes other’s needs and questions a priority. Her caring heart and genuine nature make her such a valuable asset to our Home Care team.’’ - Janae Magana, Home Care

“Rae Anne speaks well of RiverView, especially of the employees, the care they provide, and readily takes pride in working here. During rounding with Home Care staff, Rae Anne’s name is consistently recognized, month after month. She is a core person of our department, not only to our staff but to our clients...She is a true advocate for the services we provide and for the clients we serve.’’- Gladys Bakken, Home Care