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Patrick Amiot is RiverView's 2018 Rookie of the Year

Community news | Friday, May 3, 2019

Patrick Amiot, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) at RiverView Recovery Center, was named RiverView’s 2018 Rookie of the Year at a celebration in his honor April 11th.

Amiot thanked the “amazing team’’ at RiverView Recovery and RiverView Health, and said he accepts the award on behalf of all of the people he works to help.

“This award signifies that there is hope for people that are suffering from the disease of addiction,’’ Amiot stated. “No matter what your past is like, what mistakes you have made, what horrible things you have done or how bad you are suffering now, there is light at the end of the tunnel...It is surreal to think that four years ago I was at the depths of despair and now I am getting this award.’’

Amiot has a good understanding of the struggles his patients go through; he is a recovering alcoholic, drug addict and compulsive gambler. He is also an alum of RiverView Recovery Center.

“Today, by the Grace of God, I am four years clean and sober,’’ he shared. “Prior to going to treatment for my addictions, I didn’t feel like I had a purpose in life and at times had lost the desire to live. Following treatment, where I also accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I came to realize what my purpose in life was and that was to serve and glorify God. I suffered from the disease of addiction for about 20 years and I realized that my purpose was to help others suffering from this horrible disease...Now I wake up each day and I can’t wait to get to work at RiverView Recovery. I get to see miracles happen every day.’’

In 2015, Amiot went to inpatient treatment at Project Turnabout in Granite Falls, MN. Following that, he went to RiverView Recovery in Thief River Falls as part of his aftercare. He now sits in the same chair his counselor sat in when he was a patient there in 2015.

“People suffering from addiction are great people with a horrible disease,’’ he stated. “I get the pleasure of working alongside these people to help them on their own recovery journeys.’’

Amiot started at RiverView Recovery as a LADC intern in January 2018, was hired as an office assistant there a month later, and became a full time LADC in Thief River Falls after he received his license in August 2018.

He has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration Degree in Management from UND and he received his Chemical Dependency Specialist Certificate from Mesabi Range College.

A Crookston native, Amiot’s parents are Ron and Diane Amiot. He is married to Jennifer, and he has three sons: Easton (17), Levi (7) and Emmett (4). The family resides in Warren.

Of his Rookie award, he shared: “It is an amazing honor and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I wouldn’t have been able to get this award without all the help and support that I get from the entire team at RiverView Recovery and RiverView Health. I have felt welcomed at RiverView from day one.’’

Amiot is just the second recipient of this honor given through the Rewards and Recognition Quality Improvement Team. Fifty employees hired between Oct. 1, 2017 and Sept. 30, 2018 were eligible for the award. Below are comments from the nominations in his honor:

“Patrick is a pleasure to work with. He is always positive and willing to participate in team activities. He is a motivated team player and seems to take pride in performing above and beyond the duties of an LADC. He is open to feedback and willing to learn.’’ - Deb Sullivan, RiverView Recovery Center

“Patrick serves as a role model to others through his dedication to his work. He is a prime example of what it means to “meet the person where they are at’’ and often comes to work early or stays late in order to be sure his clients get the services they need. Even when Patrick is overwhelmed, he maintains a positive and professional attitude and gladly helps his coworkers when needed. Patrick engages with client caseworkers and probation officers in order to provide multi-disciplinary care.’’ - Erica Cerda, RiverView Recovery Center

“As a new employee, Patrick has built up clientele in our Thief River Falls office, taken on extra duties such as DWI court in Marshall and Pennington Counties. He has crossed every t and dotted every I with a great sense of humor and such a busy workload.’’ - Nancy Tuseth, RiverView Recovery Center

Pictured above: Patrick Amiot (center) with RiverView Senior Leaders, left to right, Chris Bruggeman, Carrie Michalski, Jean Tate and Lance Norman.