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New OB Unit Enhances Birth Experience for Ringdahl Family

Hospital news | Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Life at the Crookston home of Derek and Sarah Ringdal is much busier these days with the addition of Aubree Judith, born March 2 at RiverView Health. Big sister Emma, who will be three in June, loves her little sister; even though baby Aubree lacks the on and off buttons Emma has grown accustomed to on her dolls.

All four of the Ringdals were born at RiverView Health. All four were delivered by Dr. Erik Kanten. Dr. Charles Winjum was also in on Derek’s delivery.

"Dr. Kanten delivered me and has been my primary care provider since day one," Sarah reported, sharing that Emma and Aubree are the third generation in her family to have Dr. Kanten as their primary care provider. Sarah's mother, Lori Nystad, has had Dr. Kanten as her primary care provider since her teens. "I think very highly and have a lot of respect for Dr. Kanten. I recommend him to anyone I talk to regarding health care, pending the type of care they need. I always feel heard and like he genuinely cares."

After an induction, Aubree made her way into the world at 2:30 that Tuesday afternoon, weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and stretching to a length of 19.5 inches. The Ringdals are four of at least 1,300 babies delivered by Dr. Kanten during his 30+ year career in Crookston.

"I have loved witnessing the transition from Dr. Kanten being just my primary care provider to that of my girls. It's another side of him, watching him care for infants and children."

New Hospital/Clinic

Aubree is one of 37 babies born so far in RiverView's new hospital, which opened October 25, 2020.

"While the care I received was excellent both times around, the feel and look of the new hospital made my experience and hospital stay much more comfortable," Sarah stated. "The colors and space of the room give it a more 'at home' feel. The view was much more appealing to the eye this time with a nice view of the river."

The three new birthing suites are spacious and well thought out, all the way down to the sinks specially designed for bathing little bodies. Everything the doctors and nurses need is accessible in each room, including an infant warmer. The state-of-the-art security system was also appreciated by Aubree's parents, with Sarah saying the feature "gives parents peace of mind."

According to Lisa Johnson, OB coordinator, it's not only the patients enjoying the new OB Unit. "Our nurses have commented on so many improvements. They enjoy the extra space the new rooms provide, the patient's ability to adjust the room temperature, the fact that all of the supplies and equipment are stored in the rooms, and the overhead lighting system." Ringdahl also commented on the lighting system, saying she very much appreciated the ability to dim the overhead lights for nighttime feedings and changes.

An Exceptional Team

Of course, a shiny new building doesn't matter much if it doesn't have an exceptional team to go with it. Fortunately, RiverView does.

"The nursing team was very attentive and responsive and always making sure I was comfortable," Sarah reported. "They always explained what they were doing and why and answered any questions I had.

"The whole team was very supportive throughout the birth and checked in frequently after Aubree was born. Dr. Kanten checked in before he left for the day and right away the following morning, making sure to answer any questions we had and discuss scheduling follow-up visits."

At discharge, two nurses helped the Ringdahls to their vehicle, checking the car seat base to make sure Aubree's short trip home would be safe.

"Both my experiences were great when it came to the care I received. With Aubree's delivery, the new building and spacious rooms added to the experience in a positive way. I would definitely recommend RiverView."

Family of Four

The Ringdahls are adjusting nicely to their expanded family, with Sarah reporting that things come "a little more naturally" with the second child. The couple is learning how to divide their time between the two girls.

"Emma loves being a big sister and always wants to hug Aubree and hold her hand. When she first met her, she thought Aubree was a baby doll and thought it was funny when she'd move. She has a baby doll that moves and makes noise and will fall asleep. When the doll falls asleep, you push a button to wake it up, so when Aubree fell asleep the first time Emma met her, she asked me to push the button to wake her back up."

For more information on obstetric services at RiverView Health, please call 218-281-9200.

Pictured above: The Ringdahl family.