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Mary Stortroen is RiverView’s August Employee of the Month

Hospital news | Monday, October 28, 2019

Mary Stortroen, Care Center, is making a difference in the lives of those she cares for every
day. She’s also making history as RiverView’s first employee to be named Employee of the Month for a second time. Stortroen is RiverView’s August Employee of the Month.

Over her 39 year career with RiverView, the Warren native has worked as a CNA, trained
medical aide and Rehab aide.

She and husband Allen live in Crookston. The couple has three grown children: Nicole (Brad) Nelson, Tanya (Nate) Roppel, and Travis (Lynsie). They also have six granddaughters, two grandsons and one great-grandson.

“I feel very blessed to receive this award,’’ Stortroen shared. “I have the best co-workers to work with. They work very hard to ensure the best quality of care is given to our residents.’’

Below are just a few of the comments given in Mary’s honor:

“Through times of staffing struggles, missed shifts, or sick co-workers, Mary is always there to work her shift, and then some. Most importantly, Mary is patient with our residents. For many staff, working in a memory care unit can take a toll as the work can be stressful and demanding. Mary is able to provide patient and meaningful care to our residents and she is easily able to gain their trust. ..She works diligently with new staff to ensure that they receive exceptional training. The training she provides allows our staff to provide the safest and most efficient care to our residents. Mary shines at following resident care plans and is sure to address any potential safety concerns right away. She truly cares for the quality of life of each resident and can always be found doing something. In the short three months I have been the administrator at RiverView, I can truly say that I have never seen Mary sitting down to take a break. It is her mission to help our residents thrive and be well cared for. ..In the past year, Mary has been working hard towards implementing a range of motion program for our residents. As range of motion has been one of our quality assurance goals, Mary has been a key person in encouraging us to start the program up again. She continues to work with our director of nursing for process improvement on the program and to find efficient ways to implement it that keep the program running smoothly.’’ -Kelly Beiswenger, Care Center

“Mary serves as a great role model. She has worked here for 35+ years and that is something to look up to. Mary is always participating in volunteer events at the Care Center. She usually will do hair, and is very good at it. Mary always completes her charting and always gives a thorough report making sure the residents are getting the best care they can. She is an amazing trainer with all her years of experience. She gives exceptional care without a doubt. I have had the pleasure of working with her almost every day for four years, and it has made my daily routine better because of her positive attitude and superior work ethic. -Ramona Kaiser, Care Center

Mary has worked at RiverView all of the 22 years I have been here and she exemplifies what a good employee is. She is dependable, responsible and a very hard worker. She is always kind and compassionate and goes way above any expectations when caring for all of our residents. Mary doesn’t need to be asked to do anything, as she is self-motivated and a clear leader in this department. Mary is our “go-to” person to orientate other staff and she is happy to do so. Her knowledge and experience is such a benefit when we are problem-solving because she has insight that only longevity at RiverView could provide. -Nicky Johnson, Care Center