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Krystal Noyes is RiverView’s November Employee of the Month

Hospital news | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Krystal Noyes, Environmental Services (EVS) aide, is one of those “quiet leaders’’, according to her supervisor Jennifer Tate. She prefers to be in the background and stay out of the limelight. But it's hard to keep Noyes’ star from shining as she was recently named RiverView’s Employee of the Month for November.

Tate credits Noyes, who has worked at RiverView for three years, with spending her entire day focusing on how to make things best for RiverView patients, residents and clients.

“When Krystal is working there is a sense of relaxation to our team,’’ stated Tate. “We know if we need someone to help out in another area, she will do it. She is a go-to employee.

“I appreciate how she looks at situations and issues. It is always with clear ears and never a preconceived notion. She is one of the few people I know who can take the personal side out of issues and just focus on what needs to get done. Past conflict never plays a role in how she approaches things. She will always do what is best for everyone. We are blessed to have her on our team.’’

Tate shares that Noyes recently agreed to be one of the first EVS staff to be trained by Janell Thordarson, lead EVS aide, in the Certified Health Care Environmental Services Technician Program. “She isn’t afraid to take on anything new and she is always looking for opportunities to learn.’’

Noyes, a graduate of Crookston High School, and husband Jonathan have five children: Isabella, 18; Owen, 11; Axel, 9; Abel, 6; and Elijah, 2. Her hobbies include going to the lake, swimming, ice skating and camping.

“The best part of working at RiverView is all the wonderful people I work with,’’ Noyes shared.

The comments below are taken from Noyes’ nomination:

“Krystal works in EVS and often on the IPU. You may not even notice her most of the time as she quietly readies rooms for new patients or tidies up rooms for patients, but if you asked the nursing staff on the IPU about her, you would hear a lot.

“Krystal ALWAYS brings her best and is EXTREMELY efficient. The nursing staff often needs to coordinate with the EVS staff on which rooms are a priority in cleaning. When Krystal is on duty and I go to find her to plan with her, I will often find her in the room that I wanted cleaned getting started, or she is already done cleaning that room and has moved on to the next. She will drop everything she was doing and move to the task that is immediately needed, by the bossy nursing staff, and then return to what she was doing. She is polite and very mellow, she brings a sense of calm to the environment...She is also the first one to volunteer to clean in another department or stay late if something is required. Krystal is always looking for the next opportunity as well, according to Jen Tate her director. She recently went through LEAN training and is diving headfirst into those principles. She is a very willing volunteer for RiverView sponsored community events. I just cannot stress how awesome she is at doing her part in this big health care team. She is that one quiet person that you may not even know is there all day, but boy do you really feel it by what she accomplishes.’’-Amy Kolden, Inpatient Unit