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Kristi Abrahamson is RiverView's Employee of the Month for December

Hospital news | Monday, January 7, 2019

As a hospital patient access representative Kristi Abrahamson is front and center when patients arrive for emergency care, surgery or to receive care on the medical floor. She is also RiverView’s Employee of the Month for December.

"I’ve met so many people,’’ she said of her 31 years at RiverView. "I don’t always remember their names, but I know them, and they know me. They know we care. Our patients are our reason for being here.’’

Abrahamson also covers switchboard, is cross trained to work in a few other departments and has trained many people as a super trainer over the years.

Abrahamson has lived in Crookston most of her life, and counts herself lucky to have her family living in Crookston, as well. She has two children: Tammie (Chad Haugen) and Justin. She has two grandchildren: Nic, a senior planning his future and going off to college, and Paige, a sixth grader. She enjoys watching Paige play hockey and volleyball. Her close-knit family enjoys spending time together, and they all love to cook.

"I am honored to receive this award,’’ she shared. "RiverView is a wonderful place to work. We are like one big family. I have made so many lasting friendships over the years. This includes co-workers and patients.

"We are all looking forward to what lies ahead for us. Our facility will be bigger and better for our patients.’’

Below are comments made in Abrahamson’s honor:

"I would love to see Kristi win employee of the month because of her never failing positive attitude that creates a great work environment to work in and puts smiles and brings ease to the patients and their families. If anyone has questions or needs assistance with anything whether it is other employees or visitors coming to see patients, Kristi is always the first one to assist. Kristi is very deserving of this award.’’ -Brittany Mosher, Patient Access

"I am nominating Kristi because she goes above and beyond for us in the ER Patient Access. If we ever have any questions she is more than willing to help out. If we don’t understand how something is done, she walks us through it without making us feel incapable of doing it; she makes sure to explain it in a way that helps us to comprehend how it should be done. I have had many instances where I don’t know how to do a work comp case, she has never told me to figure it out, she jumps right in and walks me through the steps...She is someone that I can look up to and learn new things from everyday.’’ - Samantha Moffett, Patient Access