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Kelsey Billing Named RiverView Employee of the Month

Corporate news | Thursday, March 25, 2021

Not only did Kelsey Billing recently celebrate her March 10th birthday, she also celebrated her recent win as RiverView’s November 2020 Employee of the Month!

Kelsey, BSN RN, is RiverView's Health Care Home coordinator. She joined RiverView in 2015 as an LPN in the Clinic before graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in December 2015. She began her current position in the Clinic as Health Care Home coordinator soon after.

Kelsey grew up in Donaldson, MN, and spent her college years in Moorhead. She and her husband Justin have two handsome boys: Logan, 3 1/2, and Jonah, 10 months. The family lives in Beltrami. Although being a mom to two little boys takes up most of Kelsey's free time, she also enjoys being outdoors in the warm months, spending time with extended family, and traveling with Justin and friends.

"I am honored to be named EOM by my co-worker," she shared. "I appreciate her kind words. My goal is to come to work every day with a positive attitude and the mindset to work hard and solve problems. I try to lead by example and encourage others to see the positive side of things every day. I enjoy all of the people that I work with and feel that having a great team makes every day better."

The following comments were made in Kelsey's honor: Kelsey is a powerhouse worker. She is an exceptional worker and nurse. There is nothing that she won't do to make RiverView shine and help others around her. She works massive hours and bounces around all over the Clinic to fill in for others. You'd think she would be frustrated or crabby, but she is always kind, respectful, and positive in her attitude towards others. She is a great problem solver. When Kelsey says she is going to do something, you can bank on it that she follows through. She is very knowledgeable and intelligent in EVERY aspect of clinic and nursing life. She leads and inspires others every day. She is the epitome of a nurse manager.

She inspires me to work hard because she demonstrates a hard work ethic. I feel she definitely deserves recognition, even though Kelsey doesn't realize how great she is. She is a gift and asset to RiverView.