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Karl Odegaard Named Employee of the Month for June

Hospital news | Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Who do you call when you’re locked out of your RiverView office, need someone to help you figure out how to turn on the outside spigots, or a long list of other issues? Karl. If you’ve got his “digits’’, who will always come to help you out in a pinch? Karl. Chances are you know Karl Odegaard, almost everybody does. Karl’s known for his helpful demeanor and ability to put a smile on just about anyone’s face. Now, he’s also known as the Employee of the Month (EOM) of June.

Just like one of the EOM nominations in Karl’s honor states, “…nobody is like Karl…He makes a personal connection with everybody he meets…Karl will assist anyone and everyone in anyway he can.’’

Karl’s been a houseperson in RiverView’s Environmental Services Department for 15 years. The Crookston native’s parents are Roger and Gail; his siblings are Kevin, Karen (Robin) Brekken, and Kylene (Darren) Lehmann. Among his many fans, Karl has four nieces and four nephews. In his free time, Karl enjoys going to the lake.

“It was quite a surprise,’’ Karl said of being named EOM. “I want to thank Amy Kolden for nominating me. “I really enjoy working at RiverView. I like the flexability, and I have great co-workers and a great boss. It’s been a good 15 years.’’

Below are a few of the comments made in Karl’s honor:

“Karl sets a stellar example of what RiverView is about. Karl shows top notch integrity, ownership and teamwork each and every day. Karl always makes sure that he finishes his task and stops to ask if there is anything else he can do before he leaves the IPU. We all know Karl is friendly and courteous, sometimes it is Karl's friendliness that turns the day around for you at work. If Karl hears of a problem and he knows of a solution or can at least help he does not keep walking by because ‘it is not his job or his department’. Karl will assist any one and every one in anyway he can. He has brought small treats to the staff and patients many times. Often he has visited with patients briefly, which often makes all the difference in that patient's stay. This positive, can-do attitude is exemplary in Karl and he should be recognized for it!’’

“I have had the opportunity to work with many different people but nobody is like Karl. He truly cares about all of our patients, residents, visitors and employees. He makes a personal connection with everybody he meets. I cannot count the times I have seen Karl going out of his way to help somebody. He will set aside whatever he is doing to give that person a hand. His heart goes out to anyone in need and if he is able to ease that person's troubles he will do that. Whenever a staff person is going through a rough time, he is the first person to ask what he can do to help. It doesn't matter if it is someone he is close to or just an acquaintance. Honestly, I don't know if anyone is just an acquaintance to Karl... There have been many times Karl has offered to come in at night or weekends to help out when we have call-ins. We were having an issue with a staff member who was having issues getting rides to work. It was Karl's idea to pick him up when he was on his mail run in the morning. Not only did that solve the issue for the staff member, it helped our department to have more consistent coverage. Karl also offered to help a pm staff member with his View packet. He came in at night to explain things to that employee. That employee was beyond grateful for Karl's kindness and patience...’’