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Dr. Bosun Fashoro is RiverView's 2020 Employee of the Year

Hospital news | Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dr. Bosun Fashoro, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine provider, has been named RiverView Health’s 2020 Employee of the Year, an award made even more paramount during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While 2020 turned everyday life upside down, Dr. Fashoro was recognized for continuing his amazing everyday work along with the added duties and stress of caring for COVID-19 patients.

The following is a portion of what was written in the nomination in Dr. Fashoro’s honor: “During his tenure as chief of staff, Dr. Fashoro gracefully led quality work amongst the medical staff, but it has been in recent times from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that Dr. Fashoro has been serving above and beyond the requirements of his position. He has taken his own initiative to review at least 5-6 research articles daily on the evolution of COVID and pass those findings on to his colleagues. He organized a formal structure for the medical staff to have twice-weekly meetings, build agendas and assure a unified effort to plan for COVID testing and treatment. He is careful to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and that there is consensus with the team as the plan is built. Dr. Fashoro works evenings and weekends to stay on top of trending information and brings findings back to the group. He volunteered to be our medical staff liaison with Altru Health System to coordinate consultations, transfers, and other COVID-related care between our organizations. Most of this work is done outside of regular business hours.

“RiverView’s preparedness for COVID has been largely successful due to Dr. Fashoro’s early leadership and his ability to be inclusive of the many disciplines on the care team. Not just the medical staff but the nurses, CRNAs, respiratory therapists, and the EVS staff.’’

Patients also often sing the praises of Dr. Fashoro and his exceptional nurse Shannon Ringstad in patient surveys. The following are just a few of the comments from recent surveys:

“Dr. Fashoro and Shannon are the best. They take time to explain and make sure I understand everything. Always professional and compassionate. I wouldn't go to anyone else.”

“Efficient, trustworthy, thorough, professional..Thank You!’’

“Dr. Fashoro and Shannon Ringstad always provide excellent care when I visit the clinic. Dr. Fashoro is very caring and approaches my health care with me in mind. He always makes me feel as if he listens to me, and more importantly hears me.’’

“I can't say how much I appreciate one doctor and his nurse, Dr. Fashoro and Shannon--they are unbelievable. We are so lucky to have them at RiverView!!’’

Dr. Fashoro has been with RiverView since May 2007. He graduated from medical school at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and is board-certified in Internal Medicine.

“It’s truly an honor to receive this wonderful award,’’ Dr. Fashoro shared. “As we are all aware, 2020 was a tough year but with team work, diligent planning and organization we were more than prepared when our first and hopefully only surge came around.

“It was undoubtedly a very challenging year that was made easier by my always very supportive family. I am thankful for their undying and relentless support.

“Finally I would like to thank the RiverView organization for this recognition. I truly am very appreciative.’’

Pictured above, left to right: Andy Oman, chair of RiverView's Board of Directors, Dr. Bosun Fashoro, and Carrie Michalski, president/CEO of RiverView Health.