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Amy Kolden is RiverView’s Employee of the Month for May

Hospital news | Thursday, August 1, 2019

Before Amy Kolden, RN, BSN, was RiverView’s Intensive Care Unit coordinator, she worked in a variety of places across the country thanks to the time her husband, Travis, spent in the Air Force. In her opinion, RiverView ranks at the top. It seems Kolden also ranks at the top, as she was recently named RiverView’s Employee of the Month (EOM) for May.

“For the first eight years of my nursing career my husband was an active duty Air Force officer, therefore I have worked in a few different places across the country,’’ she shared. “RiverView is a unique organization, we should be so proud of our team. The way staff and physicians care for their patients, and the way higher-level administration care for the employees and patients, I have not seen before in a hospital. Therefore, to be named EOM at that kind of an organization really means that much more. I did not expect the honor and will work that much harder to show how appreciative I am. Thank you.’’

A native of Eagle Bend, MN, Kolden graduated from the University of North Dakota. She started at RiverView as an RN in the fall of 2014; she became ICU coordinator in October 2016. She and Travis have six children: Peter (11), Clara (10), Ana (8), Jacob (7), Genevieve (5) and Rhett (20 months). The family lives outside of Erskine. In her free time, Kolden enjoys gardening and reading.

Below are just a few of the comments from nominations in Kolden’s honor:

“Amy is a great person to work with because she is a team player. She put on an excellent skill fair for the nursing staff at RiverView.’’ - Angie Salentiny, Administration

“As the ICU coordinator, Amy leads her team by example. She approaches tasks and problems head on. She is an inspiration to those who work around her. She is a team player and patient advocate. She is extremely talented and intelligent. She is continually bettering herself with learning and takes advantage of any teaching opportunity she can give others, whether it is real time on the floor or in the classroom setting...She is the first to volunteer to help anyone out and has quick solutions to complicated problems. She is one of the most kind, compassionate individual you will ever meet. It is a privilege to work with her as she is definitely one of the best nurses out there.’’ - Lisa Johnson, Inpatient Unit