Most people take breathing for granted.  It’s second nature, an involuntary reaction to our body's need for air.  However, for millions of people it is done with great effort as they suffer from many different respiratory diseases.  RiverView Health's Respiratory Care Department is dedicated to helping ease the burden by educating and treating patients.

Qualified Staff:  Our therapists are board certified in Respiratory Care at the National level and licensed by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.  They are also certified in subspecialties such as Sleep, Pulmonary Function Testing, and Asthma Educators.  Our therapists strive to be current  and diversified with their skills in taking care of their patients.

Diseases:  We treat many different diseases including but not limited to:

Services:  We offer both inpatient and outpatient services under a physician’s referral.

 Outpatient services: 

  •   Asthma Education
  •   Occupational Respiratory Assessments and Respirator Fit Testing
  •   Pulmonary Function Testing
  •   Sleep Lab