There will be heats of no more than two beds each, with the winner of each heat moving on to the next round. No times will be recorded. Winning teams will need to compete in more than one heat to be declared champion. A traveling trophy will be given for first place.

There will be four persons on each team. No more than two can be pushing at any time and at least two must ride at all times, except at the turn-around point. There is no requirement to change pushers/riders but this can occur at the half-way point if the team wishes. There is a requirement that two team members change certain clothing items with the other two members at the turn around point, and RiverView will provide appropriate items for the teams to change. Exchange of clothing should take place off of the bed. Teams must go beyond the end marker, turn around in their own lane and cross the finish line in order to be declared a heat winner.

The only other requirements are as follows:

  1. Participants must be 16 years of age or older.

  2. Team members must be available 15 minutes prior to the event beginning so heats can be assigned and any questions can be answered.

  3. During the actual race, teams need to stay in their own lane in straight section of course. If you or your bed crosses the center line, your team may be disqualified. This rule has been added to protect all participants from injury.

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The undersigned agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ox Cart Days Committee, Crookston Chamber of Commerce, and RiverView Health from any and all liability, loss, or damage they may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs, or judgements against them arising from participation in the RiverView Health Ox Cart Bed Races, held August 17th, 6:30 pm.

Waiver of Liability Acknowledgement