Citizens of Crookston and the surrounding area are encouraged to become members of the RiverView Healthcare Association. RHA is only as strong as its membership and the interest and involvement of individuals from this area is vital to our success as a regional healthcare provider.  
A membership in RiverView Healthcare Association costs $3.00 per person for a three-year period (3 Annual Meetings).
  • Membership is tax deductible
  • The Association Membership is the organization that elects our Board of Directors
  • Association members receive annual reports and are eligible to be elected to the RiverView Board of Directors
The Annual Meetings for the Association are held the last Monday of January each year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of RiverView Healthcare Association you may:

complete and print the application form and mail it along with your membership dues to:
Cara Hendrickson
RiverView Health
323 South Minnesota Street
Crookston, MN  56716
call Cara Hendrickson at 218-281-9536 or email Cara Hendrickson