RiverView Foundation: Thanks a Million for Donating on Giving Hearts Day


Thanks a million! That’s the “theme’’ heard around the hallways at RiverView Health and in the community after the RiverView Foundation’s VERY successful Feb. 8th Giving Hearts Day!

Thanks to generous donors, on Thursday the Foundation went beyond the million-dollar mark in donations given during the Giving Hearts Day events in the past 11 years. Keep in mind, that’s just one day a year or 264 hours of giving over 11 years to be exact. One million dollars! Actually, $1,002,437, again, to be exact! For the patients of RiverView Health that’s over a million dollars of new programs started, life-saving equipment purchased, funds set up, expertise attained, and a long list of vital initiatives kept going all thanks to these donations.

Not only did 2018 donations send the Foundation over the million-dollar mark, but they also set a record at $211,612 given in the 24-hour time-period by 381 donors, also an all-time high. The breakdown amounts to an incredible $8,817 given per hour during this year’s event. The record-setting donations and other criteria also placed the Foundation in the top 10 non-profits, giving the Foundation additional incentive grants.

Raising More for Patients, Community Each Year

According to Foundation Director Kent Bruun, the Foundation has seen an 83 percent increase in giving in the past two years; a reflection, he states, of how important RiverView is to the community and region.

“Giving Hearts Day is about investing into our local hospital, to keep it strong and vibrant for today and tomorrow,’’ he shared. “I am genuinely grateful for the hundreds of donations given for the benefit of the growing number of patients that RiverView serves.

“There is a feeling of fulfillment and goodness that occurs when a person gives of themselves to help others. This is a testimonial of how much people care and that they appreciate the healthcare services provided by RiverView.’’

A Pioneer Non-Profit

RiverView Foundation has been a part of Giving Hearts Day since it began in 2008. Back then, RiverView was one of only 38 non-profits participating in the on-line give-a-thon. That year, 60 donors raised $17,000 for the Foundation. In 2018, over 400 non-profits participated. Overall, this year’s event - sponsored by the Dakota Medical Foundation, Impact Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation – raised over $13 million through 63,586 donations for non-profits in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota.

Many RiverView programs and projects were touched by donors during this year’s event, including the following:

     • Inpatient Replacement Project
     • New furnishings for the North Clinic patient waiting area
     • Décor and enhancements to the ER family room
     • Humidifier/heaters for the Non-Invasive Ventilation (BiPAP) machines
     • OT “Fast ForWord” licenses supporting children behind in their reading abilities
     • 2018 Golf Classic sponsorships
     • Activities Fund/Care Center residents
     • Adult Day Services
     • “Angel Fund” Patient Experience Support
     • Auxiliary Donor Match Fund
     • Baby Blanket Fund/Home Health Blanket Fund
     • Cardiac Rehab
     • Diabetes funds
     • Glenmore Foundation Addiction Donor Match Fund
     • Halo Sleepsacks for SIDS prevention
     • Home Health Fund
     • Inpatient Cross Family Support Fund
     • Kiwanis Children’s Fund
     • Pulmonary Rehab
     • Prostate Screening Program
     • Reach Out and Read Program
     • Recovery Services
     • Rehab Services
     • Scholarships
     • Driving with Care addiction staff education
     • Recovery Relapse Prevention
     • Autism Program development materials
     • Celiac Support Group resources
     • ImPACT Concussion baseline support and OT staff education
     • Infant CPR lifesaving kits
     • Employee health and wellness

“I find meaning in the connection between the 24-hour opportunity of Giving Hearts Day for donors to support RiverView’s commitment to provide 24-hour exceptional care 365 days of the year. Thanks a million,’’ he concluded.

The RiverView Foundation works with the constant goal of obtaining financial security for projects and programs that assure RiverView Health has the equipment and expertise to follow its mission of delivering a healthcare experience that consistently exceeds patients’ expectations.

If you are interested in learning more about the RiverView Foundation and the programs it sponsors, please contact Bruun at 218-281-9249 or kbruun@riverviewhealth.org.

Giving Hearts Day 2019 will take place on Feb. 14th.





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