RiverView Foundation Receives Funding for Laryngoscopes from Crookston National Bank


Crookston National Bank recently provided funding through the RiverView Health Foundation for three portable video laryngoscopes at RiverView Health.
Thanks to this generous donation, there is now a laryngoscope located in the Surgery Department, Emergency Department and Inpatient Unit at RiverView. This strategic placement minimizes response time to intubate patients and deliver life-saving therapy. The portable machines allow RiverView’s Code 7/Rapid Response Team the ability to intubate patients in respiratory or cardiorespiratory failure.
The new devises actually increase not only the availability, as there are now more laryngoscopes available throughout the facility, but they also increase the number of people able to use them; including trained physicians, anesthesia, nursing and respiratory care staff.
“They (laryngoscopes) make it easier for someone who may not use them often,’’ reported Jeremy Eversvik, a CRNA at RiverView Health. “Sometimes we’re in the middle of surgery when a situation arises, so it’s helpful that others have been trained on how to use these.’’
The video laryngoscopes reduce the time it takes to put in an artificial airway and minimize the chance of error or any additional trauma to the patient by directly visualizing the vocal cords when inserting the endotracheal tube into the lungs.
“This is a project the Code 7 Committee is very excited about. This is the right equipment to enhance the care to our patients both in critical conditions and in the OR,’’ said Mary Ann Boushee, chair of the Code 7 Committee at RiverView Health. “We are thankful that it has become a reality.’’

RiverView Health Foundation Director Kent Bruun (right) thanks Crookston National Bank President Jim Ingeman for the Bank’s commitment to RiverView Health and the quality of health in our community.


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