Public comes out for RiverView Foundation’s Ninth Annual Philanthropy Day, Health Fair


The public lined RiverView’s Heritage Hallway Thursday, Nov. 15th for free health checks during RiverView Health Foundation’s Ninth Annual Philanthropy Day and Health Fair.

KROX’s Frank Fee did a live remote from RiverView’s Crookston lobby, interviewing staff about services available at RiverView and patients who have experienced those services.

RiverView Foundation serves the community as a proactive fundraising structure, responsive to current and future healthcare needs, focused on community growth and enhanced quality of life. RiverView Foundation’s operating expenses are supported by interest earned on endowments previously donated to the Foundation, allowing current financial contributions to be maximized towards enhancing medical services.

For more information on the RiverView Foundation, please contact Kent Bruun, Foundation Director at 218-281-9249 or by email at


Frank Fee, with KROX, interviewing RiverView Health Chief Operations Officer Carrie Michalski.


RiverView Clinic Support Specialist Bobbi Amiot (left) helped inform the public of the services available at RiverView Health.

RiverView lab technician Valerie Fitzgerald runs a test on Monica
Beauchane at the health fair Nov. 15th.

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