Lung Health the Topic of RiverView’s Nov. 28th Health Luncheon


Did you know that lung capacity declines as you age? Your lungs mature by the time you are about 20-25 years old. After the age of about 35, their function declines as you age and as a result, breathing can slowly become more difficult over time.

Don’t take your lungs for granted. Attend RiverView Health’s Tuesday, Nov. 28th health luncheon “From General Lung Health to Smoking Cessation, Breathe Easier this Winter’’ to learn ways to improve your lung health. Respiratory Therapist Leah Hendricks will talk about the body’s natural defense system designed to protect the lungs, keeping dirt and germs at bay. She will also share important things you can do to reduce your risk of lung disease, including not smoking, avoiding exposure to pollutants that can damage your lungs, preventing infection, getting regular healthcare and exercise.

Hendricks, a certified tobacco treatment specialist, also leads RiverView’s Tobacco Treatment Services and will share information on smoking cessation if you are interested in quitting or ways to talk to loved ones about quitting smoking.

The luncheon will be held in Meeting Room #1 of RiverView Health, 323 S. Minnesota Street, Crookston. Meeting Room #1 is located near the RiverView Clinic entrance on the north side of the building and across from the elevators on first floor.

The luncheon series is in its 19th year of sponsorship by RiverView Health. All men and women interested in improving their health are invited to attend. Each luncheon starts a few minutes past noon and luncheons are kept under one hour so those needing to return to work can attend. Pre-registration is required. A boxed lunch can be purchased for $3, but must be ordered while pre-registering for the event. Call Holly Anderson at 218-281-9745 for additional information and to pre-register.


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