Laura Nordlum is RiverView’s Employee of the Month for September


Eight! That’s the number of co-workers who nominated Laura Nordlum for the September Employee of the Month (EOM) honor proving that she is not only recognized by patients for her hard work on the Inpatient Unit as an LPN but also by the people that work beside her every day.

Nordlum is starting her 38th year at RiverView. She started in the Admissions Department before going back to school 10 years later. She is a Crookston Central High School graduate, went to UMC for two years and after going back to school she graduated with her LPN from Agassiz Valley School of Nursing (now known as Northland).

“In my 37 years of employment, there have been many positive changes, including a lot of growth,’’ Nordlum shared. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with many nurses and a variety of physicians, and have learned from each and every one of them.’’

A Crookston native, she and her husband of 27 years, Craig, live on the farm where she grew up in rural Crookston. They have two “amazing’’ children, Alex and Nomie. Outside of work, Nordlum’s interests include going to the casino and taking impulsive, short road trips with friends and family.

“I am honored to be named Employee of the Month. I started here extremely shy and introverted. If not for RiverView and my second family, I would not be the extroverted person I’ve become. I am so honored to be a part of the RiverView Health team.’’

Below are just a few of the comments from nominations in Nordlum’s honor:

“Laura always treats patients and their visitors with courtesy and respect. She has the amazing ability to connect on personal levels with patients creating life-long relationships. Patients often stop on 3rd floor after being discharged
asking for her. Whether its to give her a hug or drop off treats, she leaves an imprint in their lives. Laura is always willing to come in on her day off if we need extra help. When she comes in even she is not scheduled, she is positive and team focused. Laura’s skill and knowledge reaches far beyond her degree. RiverView Health is blessed by her presence and our team thrives because of people like her.’’ -Annie Waldal, IPU

“Laura is a wonderful lifetime nurse. She cares for her patients as if they are all family to her, and she is also positive and teaches others to be caring and responsible nurses. She has been float nurse and is like ‘Google’ when it comes to being asked questions regarding the preferences of doctors. She is held in high regard by the physicians also. She is ‘out there’ on the floor helping her co-workers on a daily basis. She rounds with the doctors and has wonderful communication skills during report to the oncoming shift. She is willing to stay and help the next shift when ‘things get crazy’.. She has been a preceptor for many of our new staff and when they train in with Laura we know they have been trained correctly. This are so many aspects and levels of excellence of care that Laura provides to staff, patients, and families that happen daily. Overall, she is a wonderful community ambassador for RVH.’’ - Sue Palmer, IPU

“Laura is my favorite lead nurse to work with on the Inpatient Unit because she is a team player and looks out for all of the other nurses working with her. She knows exactly what is going on with every patient on the unit at all times, and consistently puts in extra time to make sure that the oncoming shift is set up for success. Laura makes RiverView a better place!’’ - Laura Golden, IPU

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