Jennifer Black is RiverView's Employee of the Month for July


RiverView Recovery Center is at a record low for accounts receivable (AR) days with June’s reported AR days at 28.8. What does that mean? It means RiverView is receiving payment faster, leading to healthier operations. Jennifer Black is one of the valued team members working to improve those numbers every day for the Recovery Center. She also happens to be RiverView’s employee of the month for July!

Black, a native of St. Hilaire, has been the funding coordinator for RiverView Recovery for the past three years. She and husband Michael and son Peyton (8) reside in Red Lake Falls. In her free time, Jennifer likes to read, play volleyball and golf.

Of her EOM recognition she stated: “I am honored to be named employee of the month! I love working for RiverView Health, and feel blessed every day to work with the staff of Recovery and PFS. The teamwork here at RiverView is phenomenal!

Below are comments taken from nominations for Black:

“Jennifer has gone above and beyond in taking on the initiative to get our AR days down from over 120 a year ago to 37 in May, 2018. She has taken it upon herself to learn more about our EMR and being able to deal with insurances.

“I want to nominate Jennifer for: 1) willingness to take on a project that looked insurmountable; 2) willingness to become the expert in her field or career; 3) willingness to train staff on what we, as a team, need to do to make sure hours are being billed/paid; 4) willingness to communicate with staff in a timely fashion about changes in funding.’’ - Curtis Hamre, RiverView Recovery Center

“Jenny demonstrates exemplary patience and persistence when engaging in her billing/AR role. When she first stepped into this role there were no standard work procedures and no business as usual. All of that has been developed by Jenny in her ownership of that role. She leads by example and has taken the initiative to disseminate her knowledge throughout the business office and is a key asset to our success. She really is a role model of ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’.’’ - Kathryn Amiot, PFS

“Jennifer has done an amazing job in getting our department on track with billing, etc. I appreciate that she is always available for questions, pleasant and dedicated to keeping us informed. Jennifer is a tremendous asset to RiverView
Recovery and I feel honored and blessed to have her as part of our team.’’ - Deb Sullivan, RiverView Recovery Center

“Jennifer spends endless hours dealing with insurance companies so that we can be reimbursed. She does a fantastic job keeping up to date on all client’s eligibility statuses and is always willing to help me with billing issues. She keeps a positive attitude and goes above and beyond her job requirements.’’ - Erica Cerda, RiverView Recovery Center

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