Bonnie Munn is RiverView's Employee of the Month for December


Bonnie Munn is a well-respected caregiver in the community. She is also well loved by her clients, as proven when one client hadn’t seen her for a few weeks and was worried that she may have been out sick. The client’s concerns were eased and Munn returned to the client’s home at a later date where she was warmly welcomed back.

An LPN, Munn has been with RiverView Home Care for five years. A native of Climax, she graduated from Agassiz Valley School of Practical Nursing. She and husband Joe have been married for 43 years and have three daughters: Christine (Chris), Carrie (Mitch), and Nicole (Myles). The Crookston couple also has nine grandchildren: Maddie, Nick, Nathan, Lindsey, Mariah, Jadelyn, Braxton, Cameron, and Kayelynn.

Of her honor Munn said: “Thank you so much, this was a surprise! I just feel so blessed to work with such a wonderful group of people, they truly are the example of team work.’’

Below are a few of the comments sent in nominations for Munn:

“Bonnie came to our services approximately five years ago from long-term care of 30+ years. She has made a huge impact on Home Care services and the people she takes care of. She has stepped up willing in so many ways, helping to schedule nurses into client care when our scheduler left...Her demeanor is exceptionally positive and fun loving. Clients love her kind, caring, friendly attitude. They have made comments about loving to see Bonnie come to them on nursing visits. She is courteous and respectful of others calling her clients and setting up their visit times around their day. She has returned to them after their visit is over to get a med they didn’t have during the visit to make sure it gets set up in med caddy. Her tones and words are always kind and caring towards our clients. There has NEVER been a client that has ever expressed anything but appreciation of her. In fact, she is able to gain compliance with her gracious approaches that might not have been obtained otherwise. She is well respected by physicians and nurses in other fields. Even her name brings about an essence of respect by all others in healthcare and the community.’’ - Linda Nephew, Home Care

“Bonnie is an excellent nurse and truly cares for each and every one of her Home Care clients. When doing scheduling of weekly visits and there is a crunch, Bonnie is always willing and happy to adjust her schedule or even do extra visits that day. She is so wonderful to work with and she makes the scheduling job easy. She never complains and is willing to always help out other co-workers...Even if she has a busy day she finds a way to document her charting and always does a thorough and excellent job. She comes to work every day with a big smile on her face and her positivity is truly
contagious.’’ - Paige Tice, Home Care

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